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Client Testimonials

Lindsay Awarded £1m

Lindsay Preston was only 18 when, during a driving lesson, she suffered 42% burns to her body including significant burns to her face, scalp, neck, right arm and both hands.  In addition, she suffered multiple amputations to her fingers, various neurological injuries and a severe head injury.

Lindsay was injured after the car she was driving during a professional driving lesson emerged from a junction into the path of an oncoming vehicle; it then burst in flames with her trapped inside.

The nursery nurse, from Cornwall, has undergone numerous operations and skin grafts since the accident, which affected her life so drastically she decided to pursue a compensation claim.

Others law firms told Lindsay she had no case because liability was too difficult to prove, but Express Solicitors took on her case and won her £1million in compensation, on the basis that her driving instructor should have operated the brake on the dual control when she realised Lindsay was about to pull out into road.  Using advice from an expert engineer and expert driving instructor, the firm proved that if the instructor had applied her own brake, the car would have been able to come to halt in time to prevent the accident.

Lindsay was having one of her final driving lessons before her test when the accident happened in September 2009.  At the time, she was studying beauty therapy with the intention of becoming a beauty therapist.

Speaking of the accident, Lindsay said:  “I have no memory of it and neither does my driving instructor, but witnesses said I drove into the path of an oncoming vehicle.  As there were issues over blame, other firms wouldn’t pursue my case, but the lawyers at Express Solicitors knew their stuff and worked hard to gather evidence that would help.  In the end it was decided that liability would be split 50/50 between me and the driving instructor so I got £500,000 of the £1m awarded.

“After the accident, I went through a very rough time but the whole team at Express Solicitors got me through by being compassionate, helpful and informative.  They explained everything to me and always kept me up-to-date, so I felt comfortable I was in safe hands.

“I’m delighted with the compensation amount; I’m very happy with the outcome as it will make a huge difference to my future.  I didn’t think I would get any financial help at all so I’d started planning my life around my injuries with this in mind.  To know I can afford help and stop worrying so much has lifted a big rain cloud from over my head.

“There was a point when I was in so much pain, I’d lost the career I’d trained for and I was told I didn’t have a case that I thought ‘is it worth getting better as it’s not going to be much of a life?’  Due to my severe burns, I’m no longer very dextrous so being a beautician would have been impossible; even simple household tasks can be hard.  However, thanks to Express Solicitors fighting my corner to get me the compensation I deserve, life will be a little easier for me as I can afford to get the help I need.”

The award of compensation included an award for the injuries sustained as well as claims for past and future loss of earnings and past and future care and assistance.

Lindsay Preston

Nigel wins £115,000

nigelIn 2003, Nigel Swan suffered a work related accident that led to the amputation  of his thumb.  When he was advised by his original law firm that his case had no prospects and that he should ‘let it go’, Nigel contacted Express Solicitors, which eventually won him £115,000 compensation, even though it was outside the three year deadline for claims.Nigel was loading a wheelbarrow onto a lorry at work when he broke his thumb.  He contacted a personal injury law firm that agreed to pursue a claim for him on a no win no fee basis, but some two and a half years down the line the firm said it couldn’t win the case for him unless he paid for services upfront.

He explains:  “The law firm wanted me to pay as I went along for each letter and phone call when I thought it would take a percentage of any compensation at the end of the case.  The solicitors knew I had lost my job through this accident, as well as my wife and family.  I went into depression and asked them just to send me the paperwork, which I gave to my family’s solicitor.  For a year and a half I did nothing until I saw an advert on the TV and it just took one phone call to be put in touch with Express Solicitors.

“From day one, I spoke to the same solicitor every time I made contact.  Express Solicitors took on my case and won me a fantastic level of compensation, even though I went to the firm three years after the deadline for bringing claims.  The firm was forced to put up a good fight over the deadline issue, but it won nevertheless.

“I was offered £115,000 in total and received £90,000 of this given the benefits I’d already had.  The money has truly meant the world to me.  Having had my thumb amputated I can’t do the job I used to do, so this has made a real difference to my son and I.

“If anyone else found themselves in my position I would say, ‘don’t think, just do it’.  The service I received from the firm was excellent, out of this world.  The case had already run out of time due to the failings of another solicitor but Express Solicitors took it on and won.  I’m extremely grateful for that!”

Nigel Swan

Robert wins £85,000       Client Robert Sheldon

A Derbyshire roofer was coming to the end of his working day when he had an accident that brought an abrupt end to his career and ruined any prospect of future employment in the roofing trade.

As Robert Sheldon was helping a colleague lift a heavy gas bottle onto a hoist he felt ‘something go’ in his right shoulder.  Pulled muscles and trapped nerves are common occurrences for workers in the roofing trade so Robert thought nothing more of it – until the pain became unbearable.

“The following week I went to see my doctor,” said Robert, “as the pain was excruciating.

“There followed a series of X-rays and scans which picked up that I had torn my right bicep, the ligaments surrounding it and also damaged muscles in my chest.  I then had to undergo two operations which confirmed the damage.

“Even now, some years on, I can only lift my arm to shoulder height and I’ll be on painkillers for the rest of my life.

“It took a while for me to get around to it, but I decided to claim for my injuries.  I first asked a local solicitor to pursue my claim, but he wanted a fee to work on my behalf so I contacted Express Solicitors who offered to work on a no win no fee basis.”

There are exceptions but usually, if a person has an accident, they must bring a claim within three years of the accidet or the Court has the power to refuse a claim for the injury.  Robert took over three years to pursue his claim and the case had been issued outside the time limitations, but Express Solicitors succeeded in ensuring the Defendant did not to raise this point.

Robert’s employers denied liability and provided documentation in Court that suggested Robert had been given manual handling training.  However, Express Solicitors claimed that under the manual handling regulations, Robert had actually been failed by the company and argued that it had failed in its risk assessments and also in reducing the need for manual handling.

The personal injury experts obtained medical evidence from a specialist who stated that Robert’s accident had caused a tear in his right rotator cuff, the group of muscles and tendons that stabilise the shoulder.  The injury was classed as an ‘acceleration injury’, which had brought his shoulder problem forward by eight years.

Express Solicitors also involved counsel to assist with the valuation of the claim, which took into account eight years loss of earnings due to Robert’s acceleration injury.

Robert was made an initial offer of £66,686.69, which Express Solicitors countered with an offer of £97,800.  In December 2008, he accepted an offer of £85,000 with which he was ‘delighted’.

“I was extremely satisfied with everything Express Solicitors did for me,” continues Robert, “from the day-to-day professional service to the compensation I received.  Rachel even put me in touch with a financial adviser to set up a personal injury trust, which has ensured I will continue to receive benefits in the future.  I cannot thank the firm enough.” If you have suffered an accident at work from inadequate training contact our lawyers today on 0800 294 6250 to discuss your claim.

Robert Sheldon

Steven wins £85,000 Client Steven Wellings

Steven wins £85,000 after drunken rugby tackle turned his life upside down. An overzealous rugby tackle from an inebriated friend left Steven Wellings’ leg broken in four places and as a result, both jobless and in excruciating pain.

Community spirit

Steven was helping to build a community carnival float in Wem, Shropshire with friends, who decided to enjoy a few celebratory drinks when they had finished for the night. As Steven was driving a lorry the following day, he decided not to drink and head home early instead.
“It all happened in a flash,” Steven explains. “As I tried to make an early exit, one of the guys – who was drunk – rugby tackled me to the ground. This simple act of stupidity turned my life upside down. My leg was broken in four places on the tibia and fibia; it was a spiral fracture so it literally broke from the top to the bottom and fell into four pieces.”
An ambulance was called immediately and Steven spent four days in hospital before the surgeons could operate. Using a Russian technique, the surgeons held his leg and ankle together with external pins and a fixator. He spent a two week stint in hospital, followed by six months of physiotherapy and then another month of intensive physiotherapy when that didn’t work. It was some eight months before Steven could walk without walking aids.
It was desperate measures that forced Steven to get in touch with Express Solicitors. The timing of the accident couldn’t have been worse. Steven had worked his notice on his job the Friday evening that the accident occurred. He was due to start a new job on the Monday morning, which for obvious reasons was impossible.
“I lost my job because of what happened; obviously they couldn’t take me on in the state I was in. In addition, I got very little help from the government as I was told I had made myself unemployed.
“It was a very worrying time. My insurance only covered my mortgage and it took three months for the mortgage company to start paying out, I was therefore forced to sell my vehicles to cover my living expenses. All I was receiving was incapacity benefit, I thought I was going to lose my home, it was awful.
“That was when I decided to contact a personal injury specialist. I simply went on to Google and got through to Robin Patey at Express Solicitors, who was confident that he could successfully make a claim against the guy who broke my leg. The incident occurred on his property, so rather unusually Robin made a claim on his friend’s home insurance.
“Robin was excellent, he gave me lots of support and good advice outside of the claim too. I have a lot of respect for him – Robin went above and beyond the call of duty many times and was always happy to help.”
Steven broke his leg in September 2007 and received a payout of £85,000 in April 2011

Steven Wellings
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    Robert wins £85,000       Client Robert Sheldon

    A Derbyshire roofer was coming to the end of his working day when he had an accident that brought an abrupt end to his career and ruined any prospect of future employment in the roofing trade. As Robert Sheldon was helping a colleague lift a heavy gas bottle onto a hoist he felt ‘something go’ in his right shoulder.  Pulled muscles and trapped nerves are common occurrences for workers in the roofing trade so Robert thought nothing more of it – until the pain…
    Robert Sheldon
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