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Head Injuries in Cricket

Head and brain injuries often come with life changing consequences. As one of the most important organs in your body, any damage to your brain could have a lasting impact on the way you live your life and can also pose a risk to your health, both short and long term.

While cricket may be thought of as a slow paced game with limited action, it doesn’t mean that the risks are fewer. In a professional game of cricket, the ball can weigh in the region of 155.9g and 163g, and travel at speeds of up to 90mph. For the batsman standing in front of the ball, this can pose a huge danger of head and brain injury.

Cricket is one of many sports where wearing a helmet is compulsory, however moderate to serious head injuries are not uncommon and players are often subject to broken jaws, cracked skulls or concussion. While head injury fatalities are rare in cricket they do happen, with the most recent example being Australian cricketer Phil Hughes who passed away in hospital following a test match back in November. Read More »

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Serious Injury on Bad Roads – Who’s to Blame?

While the majority of road traffic accidents are caused by driver negligence, approximately 19,000 people were seriously injured or killed between March 2012 and March 2013 as a result of bad road conditions.

What are bad road conditions?

The term ‘bad road conditions’ can cover a number of things, and all have the potential to cause a driver injury. These include:

  • Potholes
  • Tar over banding
  • Obscured road signs
  • Worn surfaces
  • Diesel slicks
  • Un-gritted icy roads

Who’s to blame?

Some roads are in such bad condition that they can make driving extremely unsafe. Read More »

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Back to School – Staying Safe on The Roads

January has arrived and families everywhere have spent the last few weeks trying to piece back together the school kit, find kids uniforms and purchase textbooks for the coming year.

Now you’ve just got to face getting the kids out the front door and back into school.

If you opt to join the ‘school run’ you’re also left facing the frantic rush of traffic that comes with dropping off kids outside the school gates – did you know that one in five cars driving during rush hour is on the school run?

Driving during this time poses many challenges and busy roads can test even the most experienced drivers.

Research by RoSPA shows that there’s an increased number of accidents during school run times – typically between 8-9am and 4-6pm. Its no surprise parents start the year feeling stressed. Read More »

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Common & Costly Festive Injuries

More than 80,000 people are predicted to need hospital treatment this Christmas for a whole variety of festive injuries.

Cuts, burns and fractures are likely to be the most common injuries to dampen the Christmas spirit, but with a little care and forward planning many of these accidents can be prevented.

We bring you a guide to some of the most common hazards to look out for over the next few weeks – some of them more surprising than others!

Christmas Lights

A shocking amount of people will be hospitalised this year by their Christmas fairy lights. Faulty Christmas lights pose a dangerous risk of electrocution or house fire – many people are also caught out Read More »

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First Snow Causes Serious Injuries

It has been reported that the first snowfall of the season has already caused a string of serious injuries up and down the UK.

It follows recent severe weather warnings issued by the Met Office, advising the public to ‘be aware’ of exceptionally strong winds and freezing temperatures.

Winter weather can cause a whole variety of hazardous conditions, and with such bad weather forecast over the next few weeks, the potential for accidents is likely to increase even more. With this in mind we bring you a guide to some common places you are likely to be injured in bad weather and how you can avoid an accident.

At work

Entrances to factories, warehouses and offices are often affected by bad weather, causing potential slip hazards, which could result in serious injuries. Read More »

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New Statistics Highlight Workplace Dangers

The latest figures on workplace related illness and injury from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have revealed that way too many UK workers are still being injured or made ill by their workplace.

While Britain is still one of the safest places to work in Europe, the data shows that an estimated 28.2 million working days were lost due to work related ill health or injury in 2013-14, costing society an estimated £14.2 billion.

Chair of HSE, Judith Hackitt expressed concern that behind every number is the reality of a person being killed or suffering injuries while trying to do their job. She went on to explain:

“These latest figures remind us what health and safety is really about. We should remind ourselves what these numbers actually mean – the number of times in the last year someone went out to work and either did not return home to their loved ones or came home with life changing injuries. Read More »

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Cycling in Winter – Tips for Staying Safe

If you’ve been cycling throughout the year, it’s likely that you’ll have built up a good level of fitness, avoided dozens of traffic jams and saved a few pennies at the same time.

Whilst you’re probably keen to keep this great habit going, winter can make it much harder to stay safe on the roads.

This time of year is notorious for road accidents, making cyclists particularly vulnerable. According to statistics from Transport For London, 34% of cyclists are injured around dusk between 4pm and 8pm, a time when many of us are starting to head home from work. Read More »

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Accidents in a Public Place

Thousands of people are injured every year in public places.

Businesses and public places have a duty to ensure you are able to go about your business without risk of accident or injury. Risks should be kept to a minimum in all public places but this is often not the case, and people can end up with serious and sometimes lifelong injuries.

Read More »

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Road Safety Week – 17th-23rd November

This week (17th-23rd November) marks Road Safety Week, one of the UK’s biggest road safety events.

First set up in 1997 by road safety charity ‘Brake’, Road Safety Week aims to raise awareness of tragedies on the road and the part we all play in making them safer. The annual event, which takes place every November, gives everyone an opportunity to promote safer road use in their community.

The focus for this years event is ‘look out for eachother,’ encouraging all types of road user to be selfless and aware when sharing the road.

Motorists in particular are being encouraged by Brake to protect cyclists and pedestrians by: Read More »

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Working in Winter – Safety Tips

HSE Principal Inspector of Construction Peter Black said: “For those working outdoors, the winter months bring additional challenges to keeping safe. Cold weather and shorter periods of daylight mean there is more potential for accidents to happen. With a little planning, and common sense, these can be avoided.”

Read More »

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