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New Research: Injury Claims Are Not Being Made

New research has suggested that people who suffer a personal injury are not pursuing a claim for compensation.

The ‘Personal Injury 2014’ report, carried out by YouGov, found that in April 2014 only 25% of people who suffered an injury through an accident that wasn’t their fault made a claim for compensation. The statistics show a drop from June 2013, where almost three in ten people (29%) claimed.

The YouGov poll uncovered that there were a variety of reasons why injured parties weren’t claiming for compensation after an accident. The biggest reason, given by over a third (35%) of respondents
who had an accident or illness was that they did not think their ailment was bad enough to warrant a claim, while 22% cited that they didn’t believe in claiming compensation.

Worryingly, the rest of the respondents stated they didn’t think the case was strong enough (9%), felt that making a claim would be too time consuming (7%) or were too concerned about the costs of making a claim (5%).

Tom Rees, Research Manager at YouGov, says: “The number of personal injury claims being made appears to have fallen during the last year. Whether this is a result of the LAPSO changes is too early to say – we will only be able to judge its impact properly next year. However, subtle changes have occurred over the past two years that show how the personal injury landscape is evolving. While there are fewer claims being made, the level of contact from personal injury companies has been pretty steady. The type of contact is changing, though, with fewer people receiving unsolicited texts and emails but more being cold called. Direct approaches do seem to be working, however, with a notable number of people choosing to pursue a claim after contact from a personal injury company.”

The results show that on the whole, injured parties are reluctant to make a claim and are underestimating the severity and impact of the injury they have suffered.

There is a big concern in our industry that vulnerable people are not claiming the compensation they are entitled to. Even for those who believe they have only sustained minor injuries from their accident, a compensation claim could end up covering any limitations they face and costs including additional medical bills.

We understand that after you have been involved an accident, making a claim can seem daunting, stressful and even time consuming. We aim to ease this by offering a friendly, personable approach and keeping you up to date with the details of your claim every step of the way.

With so many people reluctant to claim, our skilled solicitors understand the need to fight on behalf of seriously injured people. You rest assured that Express Solicitors have recovered millions of pounds worth of compensation for our clients and we ensure that only the most experienced and knowledgeable solicitors will handle your claim.

If you wish to find out more about making a claim then contact us for confidential advice.

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