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Keeping Kids Safe in Summer

With most child accidents occurring during the summer holidays and at the weekends, it’s essential that parents are taking necessary steps to make sure kids stay safe this summer.

When a child’s usual routine is changed or they experience a lack of familiarity with their surroundings, accidents can become even more common, meaning that while kids love to dive in and have fun it’s important for you to prepare for any dangers. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) stated that during the summer months, children’s activity and play need to be as safe as necessary, not as safe as possible.

“Summer is a great time for children to get out and experience the world around them,” says David Walker, head of leisure safety at RoSPA. “During the summer months, we see a rise in injuries associated with play and leisure activities. You need to be aware of safety issues, but this isn’t a reason to stop children enjoying activities. In many cases, simple steps can be taken to avoid injury.”

New environments

Children love exploring new environments, so when you are away on holiday make sure you take a moment to have a look what kind of hazards are around before you send them out to explore.

Safety in the sun

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, it takes just one blistering sunburn to double a child’s risk of developing melanoma. The best defence against heat is protection so ensure you cover kids in sun cream of SPF30+ at least 15 minutes before they step outside. 


When children are swimming in the pool, you’re their best defence against any accident happening so supervise them without distractions. Take a few moments to read the safety information around the poolside to familiarise yourself with the associated rules and risks. Children are often injured as a result of poor safety measures or the negligence of someone else and while accidents do happen there are plenty of ways that they can be prevented.

Safety checklist

Follow these simple tips and rules an

  • Consider taking a short first aid course to familiarise yourself with key steps to take in case of emergency. It could end up saving someone’s life.
  • Read and take in all safety information signs when you are visiting a new environment.
  • Take extra care around slippery areas such as the poolside, rock pools and harbours.
  • Wear life jackets when travelling by boat.
  • Stay smart around the house, garden and playgrounds.
  • Help teens with summer jobs learn about health and safety in the workplace.

Our team of specialists have significant experience in child injury claims, so whether your child was involved a road traffic accident, had a slip, trip or fall, or suffered an accident on holiday, our lawyers can help you decide whether to make a claim for financial compensation.

Start your claim by contacting us, or completing our contact form and we will get back to you.

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