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Express Solicitors is unique in its commitment to injured people, we don’t just care about the financial compensation that you receive we also want you to make a full recovery.

As a personal injury law firm we understand that skilled solicitors need to fight on behalf of seriously injured people.  Express Solicitors is completely independent and deals exclusively with the cases of injured individuals against insurance companies meaning that there will never be a conflict of interest unlike some other personal injury firms.  We also understand that solicitors need support and input from a multi-disciplinary team of medical professionals in order to best understand how your injury has affected your day-to-day life.  As well as medical experts, we also enlist nursing experts, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and prosthetics to help assess your injuries.

Our number one aim is to put you back to the position you were in before your accident. That means taking account of not just the injury itself, but how it affects your day to day life, work and recreation. If you need paid help with activities that you used to be able to do then we can claim the cost of it, to ensure that any on-going disability is either minimised, if not eliminated.

Why You Should Choose Express Solicitors

As many solicitors will say, we have extensive experience in the serious injury field – but at Express we can prove it.  See our recent wins by prominent members of the team

And it doesn’t stop at contesting ‘no win, no fee’ cases against multi-national corporations. Take a look at our testimonials page for real-life success stories.  From helping Steve to overcome a drunken rugby tackle that turned his life upside down, to obtaining a settlement for Robert after a lifting accident at work abruptly ended a career.

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  • Our Testimonials

    Steven wins £85,000 Client Steven Wellings

    Steven wins £85,000 after drunken rugby tackle turned his life upside down. An overzealous rugby tackle from an inebriated friend left Steven Wellings’ leg broken in four places and as a result, both jobless and in excruciating pain. Community spirit
    Steven was helping to build a community carnival float in Wem, Shropshire with friends, who decided to enjoy a few celebratory drinks when they had finished for the night. As Steven was driving a lorry the following day, he…
    Steven Wellings
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