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Serious Injuries in Manufacturing

Tens of thousands of people are injured every year working in manufacturing.

According to the HSE (Health & Safety Executive), there were a reported 14 fatal injuries and 13,595 non-fatal injuries to employees working in manufacturing in the year 2013/14.

Dangerous sectors

Manufacturing covers a wide range of sectors, some more dangerous than others. Some of the most hazardous industries highlighted by the HSE include:

  • Woodwork
  • Food and drink
  • Metal work
  • Paper making
  • Engineering
  • Plastics 

Common accidents

Most injuries in manufacturing are caused by slips, trips and falls, closely followed by accidents involving manual handling.

The following list highlights just a few examples of accidents that regularly occur in the manufacturing industry and the dangers that it’s workers face each and every day.

According to the HSE, the most common types of accidents seen in the manufacturing industry include:

  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Struck by object
  • Contact with machinery
  • Fall from height
  • Lifting and handling injuries
  • Struck by moving vehicle

What causes accidents in manufacturing?

  • Failure to use the correct tools and equipment
  • Failure to inspect & maintain equipment
  • Failure to follow a safe working method
  •  Defective ladders
  • Faulty works vehicles
  • Mistakes made by fellow employees

When working in manufacturing, employers have a duty to ensure you are able to do your job without risk of accident or injury. Risks should be kept to a minimum in all areas of your work but this is often not the case, and people can end up with serious and sometimes lifelong injuries.

What to do after being injured in manufacturing

Manufacturing accounts for about one in ten British employees, but almost one in five of reported injuries to employees. If you have suffered an injury at work and it wasn’t your fault then you could be entitled to compensation.

Get in touch with Express Solicitors today for accurate claim advice.

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