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Most Dangerous Jobs for Brits



It’s likely that all of us have sat through health and safety training at work, but for the average employee, workplace risks rarely go beyond slip, trips and falls.


However for some of Britain’s workers, following the correct safety procedures could be the difference between life and death. According to HSE (Health and Safety Executive) 274,000 people are seriously injured at work each year, and 241 suffer fatal injuries.

We bring you the 10 most dangerous jobs (carrying the highest rates of injury or death) in the UK.



Research by Oxford University has revealed that people working at sea have the highest on-the-job mortality rate and are an incredible 50 times more likely to die working at sea than in other jobs.


2.Bomb clearance

Bomb disposal teams have one of the most dangerous and terrifying jobs in the world. All of us make mistakes at work, but in this role errors can cost peoples lives.


3.Oil and gas rigger

Rig workers face high-risk hazards such as explosions, terror attacks, heavy machinery and extreme weather. This dangerous job is fatal for around 100 people working the industry each year – double the average.



Huge heights, heavy machinery, and dangerous equipment all combine to make construction one of the most dangerous jobs in the UK. Roofers, scaffolders, plumbers and steeplejacks are the most likely construction workers to face risks at work. Most accidents in the industry are a result of falls, trips or electric shocks.


5.Lorry drivers

Lorry drivers live on the road and are faced with the daily challenge of dangerous road & weather conditions, reckless drivers and sleepless nights. There are roughly 54,000 accidents involving work vehicles on British roads each year (around 150 per day) according to figures from the GMB workers’ union.


6.Deep-sea diver

Aside from the obvious risks of drowning which account for the majority of fatalities, divers are also at risk of high gas consumption, decompression, nitrogen narcosis and increased mental health problems.


7.Security guard

Security personnel are employed to protect highly wealthy or powerful individuals or high threat areas/active war zones. Unsurprisingly, fatalities are not uncommon due to constant threats of attack.


8.Police officer

It is estimated that a police officer is injured every hour in the UK, although fatality rates aren’t huge. The biggest risk posed to police officers at work is road traffic accidents, and only a very small proportion are killed by criminals.



Every fire has the potential to be fatal for a fire fighter, and injury is very common. Surprisingly, training and carrying heavy equipment tends to be the biggest risk rather than burns.



Since 2001, 453 of UK’s soldiers have lost their lives fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, making it one of the least desirable jobs. The front line is one of the most dangerous places to work and injuries such as amputations are very common.


Unfortunately, wherever you are employed workplace accidents do happen, and often they could have been prevented by safer working conditions and enforced regulations.


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