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Accidents On Another Person’s Property

Accidents can occur in a variety of different ways and for a variety of different reasons, but what happens when you become seriously injured on someone else’s property?

Private property can describe a house or piece of land privately owned by an individual. Homeowners have a duty to exercise a reasonable level of care to ensure you aren’t at unreasonable risk of harm while on their property. Whether you are a social guest or business visitor, if you’re injured in someone else’s home and it wasn’t your fault you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Some of the most common ways you may find yourself injured on another person’s property include:

  • Slips and trips
  • Dangerous/hazardous conditions
  • Unsafe methods of operation

Specific examples of accidents that occur in someone else’s property could include things like – falling down a staircase that needs fixing, or tripping on a broken pathway or uneven flooring.

If a homeowner is aware of any dangerous or hazardous conditions in their property (such as those discussed), and they fail to adequately warn you then this could be seen as negligence. In order to make a claim you must be able to prove that the homeowner was negligent or aware that conditions in their house were unreasonably safe.

What to do after an accident

After any accident you should first and foremost receive any necessary medical treatment for your injuries.

To make a successful claim, you should be able to prove that your accident took place on private property and that the accident was the fault of the landowner or occupier. This could be done by:

  • Acquiring photographs of the place you were injured
  • Recording names/contact details of witness who can describe what happened, or had knowledge of the dangerous conditions

Express Solicitors have a proven track record with our clients, pursuing rightful compensation for those injured on someone else’s property.

Steven Wellings got in touch with Express Solicitors after he was injured at a friend’s house. Steven was awarded compensation after an overzealous rugby tackle from an inebriated friend left his leg broken in four places. Steven was due to start a new job soon after his accident, however lost out on the position due to his condition. After fearing he was going to lose his home, he made the decision to pursue compensation and was awarded £85,000 with the help of Express Solicitors.

He said: “I simply went on to Google and got through to Robin Patey at Express Solicitors, who was confident that he could successfully make a claim against the guy who broke my leg. The incident occurred on his property, so rather unusually Robin made a claim on my friend’s home insurance.”

Steven broke his leg in September 2007 and received a payout of £85,000 in April 2011.

If you have been injured in someone else’s property or as a result of their negligence then you may be entitled to seek compensation.

To find out more about the types of serious injury we deal with, please click on the images above or get in touch with a member of our experienced team today.

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